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hi-my name is kara-i went to ghaa my freshman and some of my sophomore years-i stopped going because the hartofrd public schools are so bad-i go to north west catholic now

it is so cool that there is a site for this-lol

i missed cats--i am so sad i did *tear tear* if i had stayed i would have helped with costumes

i was an acting major there-i miss all my friends and i haven't really done much acting since then

ghaa is the best school--i learned so much there, even though my stay was short...

i would love to chat with any current or past students-maybe i actually know some of u-lol

this is too cool----

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Hey all. I was at the dress of cats last night. If any of you who were in it read this, may I say, "OMG! I can not stop thinking about the show and how good it was, and how totally JEALOUS I am of all of you." Go see cats everyone!!!
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heyyyy just found this...

im not currently attending, but i hopefully will next year...i auditioned for creative writing and dance, i want both too bad i cant have it.

AHHHH im so pumped though im finding out if i got accepted or not this week!!!!
me, thinking

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Hi all, my name's Shannon. I'm an Academy alum, I went there in 1995-97, played clarinet in Woodwind Ensemble, and was in the old building on Wethersfield Avenue, not the Learning Corridor. I had a lot of fun there, and am wondering what everyone else has been up to since I left.

I went to alumni day a few times, including last year's. It was my first time in the learning corridor space, and I thought it was pretty amazing. Much more spacious than the old funeral home we were in before! Unfortunately, I can't go this year, as I teach middle school now.

Well anyways, drop a line anytime if you want to talk. I can be found on AIM at Spoonroo, as well.

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Hi, welcome to the community. I'm at work right now, so I'm a little lazy, if you have any suggestions for keywords, interests, bio information, icons, whatever, let me know.

Personally I'm an alum - 1999 - 2001 creative writing. I love the school and miss it still. I'll be pimping this community out at alumni day in January.